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Book review excerpts of
No Way to Go: Transport and Social Disadvantage in Australian Communities

Excerpt of review published in the Journal of Transport Geography

“Overall, this text successfully explores the issue of transport disadvantage, providing further factual evidence for its influence upon social exclusion, which is to be warmly welcomed. Furthermore, the text successfully links transport and social policy, highlighting the role of transport in frustrating social policy goals. In so doing, the text demonstrates that transport is social policy. There is now a need for greater analysis of the impacts of potential policy solutions than is presented in this text, with case studies to explore their efficacy in targeting the mobility-related social exclusion experienced by different groups.

“I have no hesitation in recommending this text as an introduction to transport and social exclusion, within both academic and policy/practitioner circles. As such, the text should find its way onto the reading lists of all good Social Policy and Transport Planning courses.”

— Susan Kenyon, University of Kent
Journal of Transport Geography 18 (2010) 490–493
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