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Monash University ePress

Important announcement #1 - Monash University Publishing

On 8th September 2010, Monash University Publishing was launched. Monash University ePress is now an imprint of Monash University Publishing.

This change has necessitated some other changes, including changes to our website.

Important announcement #2 - Monash University epress books are now available online for free

In the interests of making scholarly information available to all, Monash University ePress books are now available online for free. They can also be purchased in print as paperbacks. For links to the free books, or to purchase a book in print, please see our Pricing, ordering and free online availability page.

Please see below for a full list of ePress publications

Note also that some Monash University Publishing books are are available online for free; these can also be purchased in print format.


Monash University ePress books and journals

Monash University Custom Publishing Services titles





Leonard French stained glass window, titled Alpha and Omega. Copyright Leonard French. Licensed by Viscopy. Photographer Neil Bennett.